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Brief Summary of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen tells and intriguing tale of young love and all of the troubles that comes with it. This novel focuses on the character of Elizabeth Bennet, daughter to a proud mother and nonchalant father. Towards the beginning of the play, the Bennets meet Bingley, a young man who is handsome, wealthy, and eventually becomes the suitor to Jane Bennet, who thinks very highly of everyone and seems identical in her positive view on every person she has ever met. Later, Elizabeth would meet a man named Fitzwilliam Darcy, who proves to be a proud and pompous man, until he justifies his actions towards the end of the novel. Elizabeth then meets Darcy’s rival and enemy Wickham. Wickham steals the attention of every lady until he runs off with Lydia Bennet, who was fifteen years old. Darcy’s actions in the relationship between Wickham and Lydia define exactly how Elizabeth views both Darcy and Wickham at the conclusion of this wonderfully fascinating novel . Elizabeth’s first impressions, how she overcomes these impressions, and her conclusions on the personalities of Darcy and Wickham are surprisingly similar and distinctively different at the same time. Upon first meeting them, Elizabeth pronounces her first impressions towards the personalities of Darcy and Wickham clearly, displaying similarities and stark differences in her opinion. Elizabeth’s initial dislike and admiration of Darcy and Wickham sets her up for hardships in her relationships with these twoShow MoreRelatedPride And Prejudice By Elizabeth Bennet2024 Words   |  9 Pagesfor their family. During the English Regency period, young girls married for financial security and social benefits to improve their family’s status. In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet rebelled against this mainstream idea of marriage set by society, in order to marry for true love. Set during the Regency period, Pride and Prejudice focuses on the upbringing of women in a male dominated society in which marriage was the only escape from destitution. For women, the story emphasizes theRead MoreEssay about British Romanticism1831 Words   |  8 Pagestechnology and an appeal to return to simpler times when nature was still revered. Romanticism was far from an anti-modern, nostalgic belief that merely wished to return to the good old days; it was so much more. Douglas Bush offers one of the best summaries of this era in his book Mythology and the Romantic Tradition in English Poetry. He writes: The romantic movement involved ... a change from a mechanical conception of the world to an enthusiastic religion of nature, from rational virtue to emotionalRead MoreLiterary Devices in Pride and Prejudice8198 Words   |  33 PagesBishkek Humanities University named after K. Karasaev The Faculty of European Civilizations The English Language Department â€Å"Peculiarities of the Lexical Stylistic devices (Metaphor, metonymy, irony, simile, epithet) in the novel â€Å"Pride and Prejudice† by Jane Austen† DIPLOMA PAPER Scientific Supervisor: E. B. Jumakeeva Done by: Satarova Rahat, group: A08-2 Contents: Pages: Introduction Chapter

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Graduation Speech High School - 958 Words

Throughout the years I have learned that life is not as simple as it is made out to be. It is filled with twists, turns, and challenges you never expected to face. If I were told a couple years ago that I would at UCF for my undergraduate, I would have not believed you. All my years of schooling have been those of great difficulty. Not only due to academics, but also mainly due to the fact in which I was bullied immensely. Being bullied not only took a toll on me mentally, it also hindered my ability to properly attend school, and do work efficiently. When I had first moved to Florida from the state of Ohio, I was excited and filled with joy. Little did I know the worst years of my life were to come. To this day I will never know if I would still have faced the same challenges from Ohio, but I have chosen to look at the challenges I have faced as ones that have made me stronger. Throughout elementary school, the bullying was minimal. It only truly began when I hit middle school. In 6 th grade I was teased for my race, and the way I looked. I was shunned for the food I would eat, and the customs I would follow. I distinctly remember kids sitting away from me, saying, â€Å"Ew you’re disgusting† if I brought home cooked food to school. This eventually caused me to beg and plead my parents for lunch money, just so I wouldn’t be perceived as different during lunchtime. Although I had conformed to the rest of my class, I was still made fun of. In Indian culture it is mandatory to wearShow MoreRelatedGraduation Speech : High School934 Words   |  4 Pageslife would be graduation. For many people, graduating from high school is an objective. It takes a lot of time, effort, and determination to accomplish that goal. For others graduation is the end of high school, and the beginning of a new chapter in life. When graduated people feel as if adulthood has begun. In the long run, graduating opens a lot of opportunities for people to thrive. I can almost reminisce the day as if it was yesterday. I was sitting in bed like any other school day. It seemedRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School852 Words   |  4 PagesAccording to a report from Thomas Nelson Community College website, 15.7 percent is the graduation rate in 2010. 84 percent of students failed to receive their degree. That’s beyond sad. College can be difficulty especially with everyday life is getting harder to main family life work and financials. Because college is challenging, I know that I have issues that I must overcome. I told myself the more patient s I have the better success I will have. Although college will be difficult my goal isRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School Essay2254 Words   |  10 Pages The day I graduated from high school The High school graduation day is a life full of journeys for everyone, high school life is a memorable time for most people, for me as well. High school can be filled with lots of good memories for some people and it could be filled with bad memories, for me it was both I had good times and I had bad times. The High school Graduation day should definitely be the best day of your life because that means no more high school, no more having to wake up at 6Read MoreGraduation Speech : High School Graduation854 Words   |  4 Pagesfail High School graduation can be an exciting time in a student’s life. It is a time in their lives where they begin to experience the kind of freedom that comes along with growing up. This freedom allows students to choose the type of college or University they would like to attend. It is necessary that they understand how responsible they need to be with the freedom that is being offered to them. When choosing what college or university to attend it may be tempting to want to go to a school thatRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School Graduation1507 Words   |  7 PagesForest English 1010 9/9/2014 Graduation During our lives, most of us have hated getting up early. Whether we as humans enjoy mornings or not, we’re always looking forward to that unforgettable day. That special is high school graduation for me. Graduation is a ceremony that recognizes students that have excelled through school. Graduation was one of the best days of my life, perhaps even better than the day that I started college. There is no other day like graduation where there comes this feelingRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School Graduation933 Words   |  4 PagesHigh School Graduation With regards to high school graduation, Balfanz, Herzog, and Iver (2007) followed 12,972 Philadelphia students enrolled in traditional middle schools from six grade (1996-1997) until 1 year beyond their expected graduation from high school (2003-2004) in order to understand what indicators would affect their projected graduation date. Unlike many of the early K-8 schools, the population Balfanz et al followed consisted of 64% African American, 19% White, 12% Hispanic,Read MoreGraduation Speech On High School Graduation851 Words   |  4 PagesThere Is No Success Without The Opportunity to Fail High School graduation can be an exciting time in a student’s life. It is a time when they begin to experience the kind of freedom that comes along with growing up. This freedom allows students to choose the type of college or University they would like to attend. It is necessary that they understand how responsible they need to be with the freedom that is being offered to them. When choosing what college or university they would like toRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School997 Words   |  4 Pagesup, I loved going to school and dreamed of one day attending college. Attending school every day and receiving good grades had become my top priority from K-12. I excelled from K-8th grade, but entering into high school was completely different than primary school. The atmosphere and environment was new to me, I was free to roam the halls or walk back out the door without any repercussions. This began my downward spiral in high school. My freshman year was by far the best school year for me becauseRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School897 Words   |  4 PagesHigh school was one of the most challenging moments in my life. Not only did I have to deal with the academic pressures and social issues from my peers I had external factors that were heavily impacting me as well. During my junior year my mom separated from her husband and me and my three little brothe rs ended up staying house to house with close relatives. Shortly after that time at the beginning of my senior year, my mom was sent to prison. In the midst of dealing with all of the demands thatRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School Essay1434 Words   |  6 PagesWhen I was in high school I had one goal, I would graduate top of my class and go to the University of Florida for pre-medicine, then onto their medical school. I never considered that I would want anything else, so I went to a specialty high school that would allow me to specialize in Biomedical sciences(STEM) and never even thought about the possibility of a life other than the one I had so precisely planned out for myself. When my nephews were born my sophomore year all of my priorities changed

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Unethical Behavior In An Organization - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 8 Words: 2321 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2019/03/22 Category Psychology Essay Level High school Tags: Behavior Essay Did you like this example? Problem Statement How can we distinguish whether the decisions we make at work are right or wrong? What is right to us may not be seen as right to others, or the other way around. As our book mentions we face ethical dilemmas and ethical choices in which we are required to identify right and wrong conduct (Robbins Judge, 2017). As people we all have different mindsets and do not think the same as others. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Unethical Behavior In An Organization" essay for you Create order We may face challenges in our workplace or school as a result of this. Determining the ethically correct way to behave is especially difficult for both managers and employees in a global economy because different cultures have different perspectives on certain ethical issues (Robbins Judge, 2017). I chose this topic on unethical behavior in an organization, because at one point in our life we have faced or will face a situation where we ask ourselves, if our behavior in the workplace is right or wrong. Barsky refers to, immoral and corrupt behaviors interchangeably as unethical behaviors, which are defined as behaviors that are generally considered wrong within a given society (Barsky, 2008). Business organizations and academic institutions have developed tests, booklets, and even activities in the workplace to help minimize unethical behavior. Having good ethics is not only important in the workplace, but also important in life and its just a sense of having human morale. Furthermore, not all of us are taught what ethics is at home or what is considered unethical behavior in an organization. Now, it is more important than ever to know what unethical behavior is, as well as knowing as what good ethics is. Unethical behavior of employees in the workplace or members of an organization not only threatens the reputation of the affected organizations, but also has a devastating effect on theses organizations. It does not only harm, but also puts at risk the human relations of the organi zation. (Singh Twalo, 2015) Reasons for the Problem Benefits their organization A reason why unethical behavior occurs within a business organization is because members or employees want to benefit their organization. Individuals in ethical dilemma situations often face a motivational conflict between the desire to maximize self-interest and the desire to act morally appropriate ways. (Sheldon Fishbach, 2015). Cheating, dishonesty, stealing, breaking ethical norms or standards are all considered unethical behavior done by employees to benefit their bosses, the organization that they are in. (Bazerman Gino, 2012). We think that we are doing a good to the company or organization we are in by participating in unethical activity. In an article published by Informs, Elizabeth Umphress and John Bingham stated that, Although employees may aim to help, the end results of their actions may be inconsistent with their intentions. For instance an employee may choose to destroy potentially incriminating documents to protect the organization, but the destruction of these do cuments may not result in any form of the organizational benefit. (Umphress Bingham, 2011). More so, unethical acts just do more harm than good. The outcome can be any of the following; losing the organizations information, money, documents, and even losing ones job. Influence of peers Additionally, the people that surround us may be an influence on us of doing unethical activity in the organization that we are in. We often play or go with the role of follow the leader, or monkey see, monkey do. In this case, a bad leader and bad monkey as well. A good leader would clearly would not participate in unethical behavior, but we do not see this, because we are being influenced by their actions and words. This is also because we do not have self-control. Self-control allows people to refrain from participating in unethical behaviors. (Gino, Schweitzer, Mead, Ariely, 2011). We have to be able to say no and disagree with our peers when they are in the wrong. Our peers that surround us in our workplace, schools, or wherever we go can make an impact on the choices we make. Whether it is wrong or right, unethical behavior plays a big role within the organization that we are part of. At the end, we are responsible for our own actions and how we are in charge of our self-contr ol no matter the influence of our peers. Social Exchange Theory More so, an explanation for unethical behavior found within an organization is because of the social exchange theory. According to Umphress and Bingham the social exchange theory focuses on the relationship cultivated by the exchange of resources between two parties. Accordingly, if one party provides a benefit, the other is motivated to the same thing by providing a benefit in return. (Umphress Bingham, 2011). If someone has a need or want and their peer has something that he or she does not have. Eventually there will be an exchange to where both groups end up benefiting and not taking in count if it is right or wrong. Both parties end up benefiting for themselves and not determining whether their actions are harmful to their organization. This is especially true when both parties are unhappy within the organization. They do not have good ethical behavior and end up making incorrect decisions. Effects of the Problem Morale Having unethical behavior in an organization effects not only the organization, but more specifically it leaves a big impact on the person. You can begin to ask yourself if that is really the person you want to be and how you would feel if someone provided unethical behavior in your organization. How would you react? What would be the consequences for that person? As mentioned before, we are responsible of our own actions. Having excellent ethical behavior shows who we are as a person. It provides a good idea of what our values and morals are. Productivity The more unethical behavior we provide in our workplace and business organization the less likely we are to produce good outcomes. When people are part of an organization and have different behavioral choices regarding how they will perform their job, they must use some criteria when deciding to which behaviors they will engage in. (Barsky, 2008). For example if they are feeling in a negative type of way, their work productivity will also have a negative outcome. As to someone who has a positive mindset, they will try their best and their productivity can be higher. Efficiency When someone shows unethical behavior the whole workplace or business organization can feel it too. Barsky mentions that in order to perform adequately, one must choose how to work quickly and effectively and to do so without violating ethical norms. (Barsky, 2008). One must perform efficiently so the organization is efficient. It is like a stack of dominos when one falls, all of them fall as well. Effectiveness When a person has unethical behavior it can have a certain effect towards other members of the organization as well. It can lack the performance of other members if nothing is done to correct this type of behavior. Like mentioned in the paragraphs before, unethical behavior in the workplace or business organization can have a toll on the people that surround us. As I mentioned, our surrounding peers can go with the role of following the leader. But how effective is unethical activity to the people that surround us? Managers at one point have to address and call out for unethical behavior. That way it does not provide assumptions that it is fine for other employees or members do it too, if it is not properly corrected the first time or brought up to attention. Goal Attainment Having unethical behavior within an organization can make it hard to reach the companys goals, because performance is being interrupted by bad behavior. When an individual is involved in setting goals in their organization, the consideration of behavioral options will likely begin before the goal is set, causing other aspects besides effectiveness for goal attainment (Barsky, 2008). Barsky goes on to explain that when a person is assigned a goal, evaluation of the available behavioral options is focused primarily on goal achievement. When goals are set or given to a person within an organization it is harder for the individual to commit any kind of unethical activity (Barsky, 2008). Possible Solutions Problem Solution #1 The following describes solutions that can be provided to reduce unethical behavior in the workplace or business organization. Some of them is by providing employees with codes of conducts, reward programs, and even a once-a-month seminar training to minimize unethical behavior. Ethics within an organization or a business comprise rules, standards, principles, or codes providing guidelines for morally behavior. (Singh Twalo, 2015). An article that came out by Forbes titled, How to Prevent Poor Ethical Decision-Making authored by Lisa Quast, stated that the first step is to read your companys employee manual and ethics guidelines which also goes by a code of conduct, and ensure you are clear on what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. If one is unsure, you can always ask questions before proceeding to an action (Quast, 2011). Codes of conducts are useful and can help guide and provide a clear statement of what is expected of an individual in a workplace and business organization . Problem Solution #2 Next, another possible solution to help prevent unethical behavior in a business organization is providing individuals with reward programs. Reward programs can be seen as an act of providing motivation to individuals. In an article published by Springer, the author Harvey James Jr. states that an organizational reward system refers to the monetary and non-monetary mechanisms by which workers are rewarded within the workplace and organization. Monetary rewards consist of wages, salaries, cash bonuses, prizes, benefits, stock options, and employee profit-sharing plans (James, 2000). James also mentions that non-monetary incentives include promotions, public recognition, for example employee of the week. He goes on to talk about non-monetary prizes like free tickets to the opera or a sport event. Business organizations can make sure that their incentive programs do not reward the kinds of behaviors they wish to avoid (James, 2000). Problem Solution #3 Last but not least, the last solution to preventing unethical behavior within a business organization is having special seminar trainings once a month. Business organizations can provide videos, presentations, and papers on what good ethics is or what is expected of them when they are on site. They can also ask if they have any questions regarding what they are supposed to be doing, or what are the goals for that month and how can they better themselves. Just a day of the month where instead of working, it is a day of improving yourself. For example, if you tend to get nervous around your manager or boss, you can communicate with them. You can tell him or her the things that are making you uncomfortable or any suggestions you may have for them as well. All of this is done in order to prevent unethical behavior in the future, or it can give your boss or manager an idea of what you struggle with and help you along the way. Recommendation Overall, having good ethics wherever we go is important. For me it demonstrates how you were taught in your household. Your values and human morals can all be concluded as part of ethics you have. So what would be the best way to prevent unethical behavior in a business organization? Based on the research that I conducted, the best way that I consider to prevent unethical behavior in a workplace would be having a code of conduct. It can come in a book or document type or just having it on display is important as well. Whenever we are unsure of a decision we are about to make, we can always go back and refer to the code of conduct. As mentioned before, it gives the community and individual of what their expectations are within a business organization. A code of conduct found in an organization and workplace helps an individual with what actions is considered right or wrong, and the consequences they can face if they are violated. References Barsky, A. (2008). Understanding the Ethical Cost of Organizational Goal-Setting Review And Theory Development. Journal of Business Ethics, 81(1), 63-81. Retrieved from Bazerman, M.H., Gino, F. (2012). Toward a Deeper Understanding of Moral Judgment and Dishonesty. Behavioral ethics, Annual Review of Law and Social Science, 8, pp. 85-104, 10.1146/annurev-lawsocsci-102811-173815 Gino, F., Schweitzer, M. E., Mead, N. L., Ariely, D. (2011). How Self-control Depletion Promotes Unethical behavior, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. Unable to Resist Temptation. Volume 115, Issue 2, Pages 191-203, ISSN 0749-5978, James, H. (2000). Reinforcing Ethical Decision Making through Organizational Structure. Journal of Business Ethics, 28(1), 43-58. Retrieved from Joseph, J., Berry, K., Deshpande, S. (2009). Impact of Emotional Intelligence and Other Factors on Perception of Ethical Behavior of Peers. Journal of Business Ethics, 89(4), 539-546. Retrieved from OFallon, M., Butterfield, K. (2012). The Influence of Unethical Peer Behavior Observers Unethical Behavior: A Social Cognitive Perspective. Journal of Business Ethics, 109(2), 117-131. Retrieved from Quast, L. (2012, August 21). How To Prevent Poor Ethical Decision-Making. Retrieved from Robbins, S. P., Judge, T. A. (2017). Organizational Behavior 2017 With Pearson Etext (Ser. 2017). Pearson College Div Sheldon, O. J., Fishbach, A. (2015). Anticipating and Resisting the Temptation to Behave Unethically. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 41(7), 962â€Å"975. Singh, P., Twalo, T. (2015). Mismanaging Unethical Behaviour in the Workplace. Journal of Applied Business Research, 31(2), 515. Retrieved from Umphress, E., Bingham, J. (2011). When Employees Do Bad Things for Good Reasons: Examining Unethical Pro-Organizational Behaviors. Organization Science, 22(3), 621-640. Retrieved from

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The United States And Danish Political System - 1777 Words

Introduction In recent debates, immigrants have become a hot topic of conversation in both the United States and Danish political system. Jesper Luthman explained, healthcare is politics because of (in)equality in healthcare delivery and methods of prioritizing the multitude of health services offered. With the 2016 United States’ presidential election approaching, policies surrounding refugees and healthcare have been major topics of debate. Similarly, Denmark has been dealing with accommodation issues with incoming and current immigrants. With the influx of Syrian refugees since the 20th century, they now account for 10% of the Danish population (Delman, 2016). Immigrants with preconceived diseases as well as diseases contracted in the†¦show more content†¦Based on academic research, prior knowledge, and recent events with refugees, access to healthcare is a pertinent issue in the United States and Denmark with various similarities and differences. Both countries deal with simil ar barriers with accessing health services that are related to language, culture, and difficulty navigating the health and social systems of the host country (Szajna, 2014) Methods Having this general knowledge, it is essential to delve more into what services are provided, as well as statistical analysis found through research. Working together a short list of articles was comprised and all were read thoroughly and analyzed. After discussing multiple social inequalities that cause health disparities, a consensus was decided on for the health treatment and access of immigrants as well as migrants seeking asylum. To better understand statistical evidence for this recent influx in both the United States and Denmark, the reason for seeking asylum must be understood. Political unrest in countries such as Syria, Russia, and Somalia may invoke a desire to flee to safer countries that better provide opportunities, ensuing basic human rights. When conducting research multiple methods were utilized. Reading and incorporating articles from class was essential for initial data

Beowulf - A Medieval Hero Essay - 1903 Words

Day by day, individuals are faced with challenges that lead to extremes. People confront hurdles while achieving everything they are obligated to do. Every day, ordinary people are to some extent a hero. It is normal for people to face obstacles and barriers when performing their duty. But within those people, the ones that do not quit due to their frustration are the real heroes. What people today refer to when they think of hero is someone strong and brave who protects the feeble ones. It is true a hero must be stalwart and bold, for a medieval hero to be distinguished one must also overcome their fears in order to achieve success. By acting brave, not giving up, and having a realization a hero will be able to control his†¦show more content†¦He declares with poise and certainty that it is him the Danes want. As he says â€Å"Beowulf is my name† (Beowulf line 343) the introduction follows a very arrogant and conceited attitude. Further into the quote, it states â €Å"resolute in his helmet† to show the great determination he has within himself. An interesting point to make is that the author might have deliberately connected the word â€Å"resolute† and â€Å"helmet† together to show how Beowulf’s willpower was up in his mind, which happens to be under his helmet. As Beowulf continues his grand entrance, he says he shall meet the King of the Danes. Beowulf speaks with a teasing manner. His deliberate word choices like â€Å"renowned† disrespect the king. Beowulf has a false reverence as he says he would approach the king graciously. It is as if he wants the appreciation from the Danes. Beowulf gives the impression that the Danes should be lucky to have him. Just as he says he wants to report his errand, the word â€Å"report† has a firm grip to it. The expression correlates to Beowulf’s fixed decision. His rock-solid resolution is a convincing evidence of him stepping out of his comfort zone and putting aside all his fear and feeble emotions. Another example of a medieval hero who does not give up on their duty by overcoming this fear and hardship is Sir Gawain. â€Å"And the loss of my life would be least of any.† (SirShow MoreRelatedAn Analysis of Beowulf1608 Words   |  6 PagesThe Old English epic Beowulf is built around the archetype of the journeying hero. Beowulf exemplifies a classical he ro, one who is not immune from hubris, but who channels his strong will into judicious endeavors. Thus, Beowulf dies with the honor and glory befitting a king. His story is one of distinct binaries between good and evil. On the side opposite to Beowulfs goodness is the gruesome Grendel. Grendel is a monster, and the original epic poem does nothing to introduce moral ambiguity thatRead MoreBeowulf : A Medieval Plot Twist867 Words   |  4 PagesAnita Kay O?Pry-Reynolds H. Zengos Eng 561 19 January 2016 Beowulf: A Medieval Plot Twist. Beowulf encapsulates all the requirements that modern readers have come to expect of a medieval hero. He is loyal, brave, pious, what stubborn while at the same time he displays traits that represent the anti-hero. He exemplifies both the hero and the anti-hero. Beowulf truly is something for everyone. The epic poem bearing the name of the erstwhile hero is the bellwether for epic poetry; it and Homer?s worksRead MoreSir Gawain And The Green Knight Essay1020 Words   |  5 Pagestranslated by Marie Borroff, and Beowulf, from Beowulf translated by Burton Raffel, serve as heroes in different times of Medieval English Literature. Many of the basic principles that describe heroes in Medieval Literature are seen in both of these characters even though they were written in different times. There are distinct similarities, differences, and also a progression of what the hero was in English literature, between Sir Gawain and Beowulf. Sir Gawain and Beowulf both represent the greatestRead MoreBeowulf And Viking Qualities During The Medieval Times1224 Words   |  5 Pages Beowulf and Viking qualities During the medieval times Vikings were known as warriors or heroes. These heroes were known mostly for their superhuman strength. Most stories tell the journey of these warriors and how they are honored after defeating an evil creature. A prime example of this would be the poem of â€Å"Beowulf†. Beowulf is known for his superhuman strength as the Vikings or warriors once were. However, Vikings were not only known for their physical qualities, they were also known for theirRead MoreA Realistic Twist on an Ancient Myth Essay1155 Words   |  5 Pagesago peasants and kings alike were drawn to the epic and often-heroic tales told by bards. Much like the modern audiences of movies today, these often-fantasized tales captivated their listeners and gave a microscopic glimpse into the culture of the medieval period. Today, there is no doubt that 21st century America is a vast and very divergent world than that of the writers of early British literature. However, nearly a thousand ye ars after the original stories were written, American culture is stillRead MoreLiterary Works Based On War And Heroism1003 Words   |  5 PagesInstructor Lovoy English 271 June 22, 2015 In reading The Iliad and Beowulf, one can conclude they are both literary works based on war and heroism. The hero in the Iliad is Achilles, who is from Greece and is the Archaen army’s greatest warrior in the battle of the Trojan war. Beowulf, a Geatish warrior has come to help the Danes in their long fight against Grendel, showing his heroism. Both characters Achilles and Beowulf share some similar traits such as their thirst for glory, their abnormalRead MoreHeroism : Beowulf And Cuchallain928 Words   |  4 Pagesdisagree on who might qualify to be a hero. While a few people could qualify to be called a hero, many people have done some heroic things at some point in their life; Beowulf and Cuchallain demonstrated heroism through their actions. A hero in the medieval times is considered to be someone that is a noble character that fights for his honor or the honor of his kingdom or community and also someone that is willing to risk his or her life for the greater good. Be owulf was a brave man that volunteered toRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Dream Of The Rood, Beowulf, And The Canterbury Tales Essay1414 Words   |  6 Pagesinto its literature. The foundation of much British literature that integrated the convention of British civilization came during the Medieval Period. The Medieval stories of â€Å"The Dream of the Rood,† Beowulf, and The Canterbury Tales contained some of the British culture concerning gender, religion, and the view of heroes. One aspect of British culture of the Medieval times was the stereotypes of gender and certain expectations in gender roles. For example, the poet of â€Å"The Dream of the Rood† usedRead MoreA Summary of the Epic of Beowulf Essay1386 Words   |  6 Pages Beowulf is a story that takes place in medieval Europe, the main part of the story is about a knight, Beowulf, who has to fight evil creatures such as a dragon. No one is exactly sure who wrote Beowulf, Paleographers believe that the soul surviving manuscript was copied down in the late tenth century or early eleventh. This early copy of Beowulf is still around today. This single manuscript can be found in the British Library in London. Scholars believe that the story itself was written betweenRead MoreEpic of Beowulf Essay740 Words   |  3 PagesThe characters Oedipus and Beowulf represent two different types of heroes. Oedipus is a tragic hero and characterized by its standards. He was an influential man of stature who had a tragic flaw. While he contributed to his own downfall, Oedipus was not entirely responsible for it. He also learned a lesson from his mistakes which ultimately creates a catharsis in the reading audience. Beowulf, on the other hand, is characterized by the standards of an epic hero. He strives for excellence

Marketing Research Activities Their Clients-Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Marketing Research Activities Their Clients? Answer: Introduction Marketing research is the function, which links the consumer, customer and the public to the marketer through the help of information that is available (Malhotra, Birks and Wills 2013). The information is used to identify and define the marketing opportunities and problems, generate, refine and evaluation of the actions involved in marketing. There is also monitoring of the marketing performance along with improving the understanding of marketing as a process. The discussion in this report focuses on the impact of technology on marketing research in todays business environment. The report also discusses about the marketing research (Bloom et al. 2014). The conclusion highlights what the company stands to benefit if they adopt these new technologies into their operations. Discussion Technology has made market research easier by moving data collection capabilities online. The discussion comprises of the impact of technology on the organization, the consumer, impact on product and price, the impact on big data and technology and impact on purpose driven marketing (Baker 2012). The availability of technology that is the big data coupled with a wide variety of digital marketing channels offers with a substantial opportunity for the marketing professionals. The area of marketing has a substantial impact by the number of technological factors that are evolving with time. The organizations have access to more data than before. The modern organizations obtain, organize and utilize these data. The consumers are also impacted by the changes in technology that take place in the market. Impact of technology on the Organization Technology has had an impact on the ability to collect and organize the marketing data from the perspective of the organization. The technology provides help to channel the organization to reach its consumers. The process of developing the different types and formats of advertising assets is also enabled with the help of technology. The organizations have the scope to gather a greater amount of data and a larger space to communicate with its consumers. In the past few decades, there has been a progress in technology (Venkatesh, Thong and Xu 2012). The gathering of information and communication by the organization has become easier than before. As a marketer when one considers the impact of technology it is important to maintain relevant options and channels which are to be utilized to communicate with the existing consumers. Some of them are banner advertisements, blog posts, table ad formats, social networks, search engine results, online reviews and so on. Technology has helped to make data analytics more sophisticated in nature. This enables to strengthen the customer relationship management. Impact on the Consumers When one visualizes from the side of the consumer marketing becomes integrated towards the everyday life. Due to the enormous amount of information that is available, the consumers tend to have an impact from the privacy point of view. Another impact of technology change on marketing is the issue of ad blindness. The consumers thus tend to evolve a capacity to ignore the sponsored advertising content (Babin and Zikmund 2015). Impact on product and price The impact that technology has on the market research is very significant. The social media is a powerful market research tool. The product and consumer lifecycle is changing fast and this is occurring due to the change in technology. Technology has changed the product services. For example in this field of professional selling services, the internet is helping the organization to develop new products that are better for consumers (Haeussler, Patzelt and Zahra 2012). The use of extranet also enables the organization to be confident about certain clients. The extranets provide with access to the internal system of the firm that adds value to the service of the organization. The technology helps the customer to compare prices while buying a product and service (Rodriguez, Peterson and Ajjan 2015). The company needs to provide the similar services as its competitor at a lower price or increase the profit margin of the organization. Impact on big data and technology The big data and technological advances are providing with a whole arrangement of possibilities across the traditional quantitative and qualitative spectrum of the market research. The big data provides for the promise of sample sizes. Technology has enabled new methodologies with the help of mobile data collection tools and wearable to collect data that is close to the consumer. Thus, this helps to avoid the over-reliance on self-report. The general response within the market research industry seems to be that the big data analytics could balance rather than replacing the more traditional market research practices as the surveys and the focus groups (Chen, Chiang and Storey 2012). The market research industry has shaped new opportunities that have been offered by the big data and technology to understand the consumer behavior. The technology enabled data collection method helps the market researchers to build a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the consumers. Impact on purpose driven marketing Purpose driven marketing is becoming increasingly popular and technology plays a role in its rise. The marketers are shifting the manner in which they are thinking by information the consumers about the respective organization. The marketing research methodologies with the help of the new technology attract new customers. Conclusion The advancement of technology has a great impact on the marketing research that is due to the appearance of revolutionary new research strategy. Some of these rising technologies are the online search engines, biometrics, social media networks, and mobile phones with GPS tracking and improve in the computational speeds. The market research technology continues to evolve. The present and future trends point at the social media and user-generated feedbacks where analyzing what the consumers have said is possible rather than observing it. The ability to adapt to these new trends is an important factor for the organization to remain competitive and deliver the products and services that the consumers want and need. The main challenge for the market researchers is the ability to establish fruitful collaborations with the relevant experts who operate in the technology industry in a traditional manner. References Babin, B.J. and Zikmund, W.G., 2015.Exploring marketing research. Cengage Learning. Malhotra, N.K., Birks, D.F. and Wills, P., 2013.Essentials of marketing research. Pearson. Conclusion Venkatesh, V., Thong, J.Y. and Xu, X., 2012. Consumer acceptance and use of information technology: extending the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology. RodriAnswer:guez, M., Peterson, R.M. and Ajjan, H., 2015. CRM/social media technology: impact on customer orientation process and organizational sales performance. InIdeas in Marketing: Finding the New and Polishing the Old(pp. 636-638). Springer, Cham. Bloom, N., Garicano, L., Sadun, R. and Van Reenen, J., 2014. The distinct effects of information technology and communication technology on firm organization.Management Science,60(12), pp.2859-2885. Baker, J., 2012. The technologyorganizationenvironment framework. InInformation systems theory(pp. 231-245). Springer New York. Haeussler, C., Patzelt, H. and Zahra, S.A., 2012. 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Diversity Perspectives in Organizations †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Diversity Perspectives in Organizations. Answer: Introduction Coca Cola company which is based in United States of America provides products which are carbonated soft drinks. The company was established by John Pemberton. The company has its variants of its products such as Diet Coke, Caffeine Free Coca Cola, Coca Cola Life, Coca Cola Cherry and so forth. In the year 2013, the products of the coke are sold over 200 countries having the consumers who are downing more than beverage servings each day at 1.9 billion company (Coca-Cola Company).The competitors of the company are Pepsi, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group which is regarded as the third largest manufacturer of soft drinks which are available widely. In the Southern and Central America, the Kola Real, also known by the name RC Cola in the country Mexico, is a developing competitor of Coca Cola. In Sweden, Julmust is another important soft drink manufacturer which has surpassed Coca Cola during the Christmas season. Worldwide, the company has competitors and they are growing gradually in order to defeat the Coca Cola Company through their larger sells (Coca-Cola Company). The jobs and services that are provided by the company are Part time Assistant Manager, Technological Administer, QA tester, Sales Representative of Office Sales, Manager in the retail sales, Specialist jobs in the support to Customers, Associate of the Retail sales of the company, Independent contractor and so forth. Therefore, by keeping this background in mind, it is important to judge the diversification of the Coca Cola Company and the way it practices diversification in order to embrace inclusiveness (Barak and Michalle). Current practices by Coca Cola Company to embrace Diversification The enterprise of Coca Cola is looking forward to increase a four percent in sales to $5.6 billion in the second quarter as the company is looking forward to reframe its operations in the midst of the changing demand of the consumers in the market of soft drinks. Right now Coca Cola is selling more than 35,000 products around the world. The company has expanded its practices through their offerings of products which are the greater examples for the case studies for the business seeking revenues (Barak and Michalle). The company looks forward to diverse the markets, capitalizing the companys inclusive culture in order to attract, develop and retain the worldly talent mix in order to give force to the competitive advantages (Coca-Cola Company) Coca Cola looks forward to make diversity as the core area in their business strategy. They look forward to create a working environment which would provide the associates with the equality to access information, opportunity and development. Coca Cola Company is right now is as well looking forward to recruit people having diversified talents and ideas. The company practices its inclusion to embrace the world of multiculturalism both in the work place as well as in the market place (Barak and Michalle). The company practices inclusiveness of the company through conducting the formal surveys by taking the feedbacks of the employees by conducting the educational programs and programs which are Resolution Resources based, where the associates are involved to solve the issues that are being faced by the workers of the company. To make the workplace diversify, the Coca Cola company focusses on developing and framing out strategies in order to make the workforce to resemble the community t hat one is operating (Lauring). The company believes in asking for the referrals to the existing employees, involved in talking with the organizations of the community to help out the candidates. The company as well provides training based on diversity in the workplace (Coca-Cola Company; Patrick et al.) The company looks forward to Human and Workplace rights which further increase the diversification in the workplace. These two important practices are regarded as important elements which would provide growth to the sustainable environment. The company therefore, makes sure that the people in the workplace are treated with respect and dignity. The workers have their own fundamental rights in order to provide healthier and safer workplace (Lauring). The KORE (Coca Cola Operating Requirements) defines the standards, policies and requirements for controlling the safety, the quality and environment through their operations, therefore, the people from different background are being respected and safety is provided to them (Barak and Michalle; Coca-Cola Company). Practicing and benefits of Diversity The current practices in the workplace which incorporates diversification and inclusiveness provide more benefits to the organization which has made the Coca Cola company to increase its productivity (Patrick et al) The workplace diversity benefits the managerial tools and challenges to the company. The productivity is successful in terms of bringing competitive advantages to the company. The employers can provide solutions to the customers and the managers as well helpful in brining creative methods and skills to the employees working under him. The workforce diversity also enhances creativity because the employees who are hailing from different backgrounds come up with different creative ideas and methods in order to make the products unique. The taste of Coca Cola varies with the diversification in the countries and its products achieve inclusiveness in terms of its variety and the authentic taste of culture of the company. Thus, it can be said, the absorption of idea is necessary from the people of different countries in order to give products, the different taste and the feeling of culture in their mind. This creativity lead the company to expand more in their sphere of development (Podsiadlowski). The Coca Cola Company is a global market which gains advantage from the lingual diversity taking place in the workplace (Harvey et al.) The organization recruit people who are multilingual so that the employee knowing a particular international language would feel comfortable while communicating with the other representatives knowing that particular language. This is known by the terms language diversity. This has benefited the company to increase its sales in a worldwide manner (Coca-Cola Company).By outlining the KORA guidelines, it can be said that the company embraces diversity through the adoption of International Human rights which supports inclusiveness and render protection to the employees working in the firm (Harvey et al; Rice). Recommendations Coca Cola practices good policies in terms of its diversification. As Coca Cola has gained competitive advantages and grew many competitors regional or world wise, the company needs to coordinate its values for its future strategies. The company needs to define the term of diversity management, which is not only limited to religion, gender or ethnicity but also the organization should be defined as not the one size takes care of all the solutions. The organization needs to be realistic while setting the goals, which incorporate everyone who takes keen interest in diversity. The company accordingly must meet the expectations of the people who would take part in the decision making process. The company must focus on bringing diverse senior executives to the company in terms of various industries and disciplines. The organization in future must be stick to its vision and mission plan in terms of its diversification in the workplace, the company as well by following the diversity management strictly, must follow the rules of treating everyone with equal respect and dignity, also providing opportunities for the people who are working in the company (Sabharwal). Establishment of the new motivational strategy will be helpful for Coca Cola company to enhance the workplace diversification. However, motivational strategy will be helpful for this organization to increase the employee relation belong from the different cultural backgrounds. Application of motivational techniques will allow this organization to bring diversification in the workplace by influencing their employees. Establishment of effective communication should be taken by this organization to carry out the workplace diversification. However, Pepsi on the other hand, in many companies, the participation of the female workforce has been followed, from this perspective, it is important for the Coca Cola Company to expand its diversification, by taking into account the overall female participation. Pepsi thinks that their company and working becomes stronger, when the females participate and contribute together. Coca Cola like Pepsi can also recruit individuals who are disabled. This gives birth to equal opportunity to the disabled people. Coca Cola can come across an innovative program, which has to be developed with the help of more than 30 impaired associates, in order to bring diversities to the environment of the company. Conclusion Therefore to conclude, it can be stated that Coca Cola company is regarded as one of the important multinational companies who practices diversification in its work place. The vision and mission of the company is to look forward for providing inclusiveness for the employees and increases its productivity and creativity, which has given the company to earn competitive advantages in the market place. The current practices of diversification incorporate good practices which increases the importance of the employees from the different multicultural background. The students who are looking forward to pursue their career in this organization, can learn the importance of the workplace and how it is useful for the firm to increase productivity. Workplace diversification will be good initiative for Coca Cola to motivate the employees and to insist them in their work. Diversification is associated with the creativity and the productivity in the workplace. However, workplace diversification est ablishes a good relationship between the employees belong form different cultures and the different religions. In order to bring the workplace diversification Coca Cola needs to develop vital strategies. However, application of the motivational techniques will be beneficial for this organization to motivate the employees and to make a good communication with their co-workers. Coca Cola practices diversification and in the end of this assignment, the diversification can be improved if they take examples from the company Pepsi. The comparison has been drawn between the two companies and the way Coca Cola must incorporate those practices to make its diversification stronger. There are many other companies which follow specific diversity process and environment and accordingly they make the employers feel satisfy about their working conditions. It is always not the heavy work, which brings the profit to the business, the working environment, and diversification matters a lot, which incu lcate people all around the world to work together. The diversification of the coca cola company has to be so and in this regard, the companys environment needs to be comprehensive enough. The company each year comes up with new policy of diversification and this is being practiced properly, this lead to the increase of the number of employees working in the company. The company even managed to follow the amicable instructions that would render positivity to the working of the business. It encourages the employees to dedicate themselves into the working environment and make enough contribution for the company. The multiculturalism and diversification together have provided a base for the growing nature of the company. Therefore, it can be said it is important to have diversification in the company because it is possible for the company to recruit people having different cultural background and it would make the company to inculcate the various ideas of the people, which are necessar y for the growth of the company. The different ideas would promote diversification and company can make their policy comprehensive, this idea of the firm would reflect to the world about a no-boundary entity and would focus on the idea United We Stand. References Barak, Michlle E. Mor. Managing diversity: Toward a globally inclusive workplace. Sage Publications, 2016. Coca-Cola Company,. "Coca-Cola Journey Homepage." The Coca-Cola Company, 2017, Harvey, Carol P., and M. Allard. Understanding and managing diversity: Readings, cases, and exercises. Pearson, 2015. Lauring, Jakob. "International diversity management: Global ideals and local responses." British Journal of Management (2013): 211-224. Patrick, Harold Andrew, and Vincent Raj Kumar. "Managing workplace diversity: Issues and challenges." Sage Open2 (2012): 2158244012444615. Podsiadlowski, Astrid, et al. "Managing a culturally diverse workforce: Diversity perspectives in organizations." International Journal of Intercultural Relations2 (2013): 159-175. Rice, Mitchell F. Diversity and public administration. ME Sharpe, 2015. Sabharwal, Meghna. "Is diversity management sufficient? Organizational inclusion to further performance." Public Personnel Management2 (2014): 197-217.